The Frighteners ( 1996) Blu-ray / Test

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In 1990, in Fairwater, California. Frank Bannister, a former alcoholic architect, became a medium following the death of his wife, whom he considers to be solely responsible.

Since the young man is haunted by his past, he has the ability to see ghosts. He ends up abusing it by hiring ghost "friends" to haunt the home of various people he meets at funerals or other occasions. But since the appearance of an ectoplasm taking for the "Grim Reaper", Frank is invested with the mission to stop it before the city goes under the wrath of this ghost who was named judge of the life and of death.

Conducting her investigation and assisted by Dr. Lucy Lynskey recently widowed by the action of this same Reaper (which Franck "exorcised" the house the day before his death), the young man finally discovered that it is about former serial killer Johnny Charles Bartlett, who did not follow the light as a result of his death on the electric chair and looked for a way to continue his misdeeds while being a ghost. But what Franck eventually discovered makes him even more determined to conduct his investigation is that this ghost would have a link with his past accident.

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Pater Jackson

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13 Septembre 2011