Creepshow ( 1982 ) Blu-ray / Test

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In recent years, it seems even renowned horror directors of the past three decades can't generate an ounce of creativity. Perhaps it's a direct result of the desensitization of youth, or the drying well of ingeniuty, but John Carpenter, George Romero, Tobe Hooper and even Wes Craven have been surprisingly absent from the horror genre. I'm not saying there's zero hope for a new batch of talent to take the mantle and run, but merely pointing out an observation that horror films have taken a step in the wrong direction since the invention of the teen slasher. With that in mind, I've been given the opportunity to revisit a true horror classic, appropriately named Creepshow. Originally conceived as a throwback to the horror comic books of their youth, Stephen King and George Romero collaborated on the film, presenting five short stories that range from ghastly to comical. To this day, I remember many sleepless nights in my youth that were directly related to a particular creature in a crate (courtesy of this film), but I'll save that embarassing discussion for another time.

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George A. Romero 

08 Sptembre 2009